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Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society (SAS) Group Program

Solving the mystery of social encounters

This small group program helps children 8-12 years of age crack the code of emotions and friendships. The entire program is designed to captivate kids with a secret agent theme while they learn crucial skills to feel calm and happy, while making new friends and keeping them!


Empower your child 

  • Led by our trained SAS Facilitators
  • Strong evidence-base
  • Small groups of children and parents
  • 10-19 club meetings plus booster sessions
  • Skill Tracker System to motivate children at home and school
  • Resources for parents and teachers
  • Over 15 skills in one program
  • Award winning resources and fun games

Receive a SAS Family Kit:

  • SAS computer game
  • Cadet handbook
  • Parent workbook
  • Teach tip sheets
  • Skill code cards
  • Emotionometers
  • Friendometer
  • Invisible ink pen

and much more…..

Your child will play the SAS Challenger board game, secret message transmission device, helpful thought action game and bully-guard body armour activities.

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